Hi! It has been a really long time since I blogged and well, I’m on my last year in college now.. hopefully! Juggling 27-30 units of acads, org duties, thesis, and OJT come 2nd sem.. i hope I won’t lose my sanity! Hahaha anyway, I need help. If you are my FB friend, pls dont hesitate to message me your advice.

You see, it has been my LONG-TIME dream of becoming a pediatrician and I’ve been picturing myself as a Med student ever since I knew about it but of course, as I grew older, I became more aware of my family’s situation, most especially in terms of our finances.

I am the eldest among the 3 children. My sister’s studying in DLS-CSB and is taking up BS-HRIM and her tuition is really expensive, actually, way more expensive than mine :p My younger brother is in high school and so, ever since I realized the need of my family for another financial provider, I thought of considering not getting into Med School anymore and work after graduation bec my mom’s the only one who’s working for us. I feel embarrassed because I know that instead of me sharing with the bills at home, I’d still be relying on allowance and let us not forget the HUGE AMOUNT OF TUITION for med schools.

If I work right away, I’d share the house expenses (?) with my mom and soon, I could even send my brother to school :) But the thing is, I’m not sure if I can picture myself working in an office. I don’t like a work that eventually feels like a routine.. I can tell, I’ve seen my mom’s work for 21 yrs now. 

But if I don’t become an MD, I know that I’ll forever be frustrated. I know that it’ll take a loooong time before I could start “earning” in my dream profession and I’d love to give back to my parents, most esp my mom, asap. 

My friends advice me to work first and then probably send myself to med school but I don’t prefer that idea because 1, I’m already 2 yrs delayed in college, and 2, I might lose that INTENSE drive and passion to pursue med once I start earning my own money.

Well, I know I said a lot but I hope you’re coming across my point. And it’s my last year in college so, I’m really in a state of internal panic right now. So, what do you think should I do?

Ang utak KO ay parang ang picture na ito. Nagkabali-baligtad na. HUHUHU LORD PLS BLESS ME. I still don’t feel prepared. Kinakabahan na talaga ako dahil less than a week to go nalang pero hindi parin ako kampanteng mag-exam. Feeling ko sha-shotgunin ko lang yung mga sagot sa tanong lalo sa Physics and Chem. Tapos yung Part 1 pa.. hayayayayayayayaaaaay!!! I am so frantic and nervous and er denner.. ermergerd!

Lord, I need your guidance.. and I need a miracle. Haaaaaay, minsan talaga napapaisip ako, bakit ko ba kasi nagustuhang maging isang doctor? 

LORD, 90+ PERCENTILE PO PLS PLS PLS!!! Naloloka na ako :’(( Friends, pls pray for me!

The School Year That Was! :) And I love you, BSP4!

AY 12-13 has finally ended and I must say that I’m reaaaaallllly happy that it’s over already. This was probably the most stressful school year I’ve had so far in St. Paul, lalo na itong second sem. So let me just list its highs and lows. Hahaha!

  • I finally got to bring the car to school this sem. Hahaha, sobrang laking ginhawa compared from commuting (as in!) and marami akong  na-form na conversations dun na sobrang lalalim, sobrang saya, sobrang serious, basta. I realized how much I love car conversations. :)

  • I got more hands-on with PPC. KKLK ang stress level na inabot ko diyan pero I’d like to take it as something that has formed me into becoming a better person/leader :) Also, I was elected as the new PPC President effective next school year kaya I’m hoping na yung mga ups and downs ko this AY will help me in making our department a better dept! :)
  • Narealize ko na hindi suitable sa akin ang may maluwag na sched. I prefer a jam-packed sched. 18 units lang kasi ako this sem and I had this mentality na “AHHH, MARAMI PAKONG TIME FOR THAT SO MAMAYA KO NA GAGAWIN!” since ang hahaba ng breaks at sobrang loose talaga ng sched. Kaya I’m glad na next sem, regular student na ako ulit though may mga ibang subjects pang ihahabol but same sched na with the incoming Seniors. WOOHOO SENIORS HAHAHA nakakatuwa naman!!! :)
  • Also, I’m also thankful for all the new people that became my friends this year :)

  • Tapos pala, gagraduate na yung mga pinaka-una kong classmates from St. Paul kaya I’m sooo proud of them! Kung tutuusin, kung mas maaga akong lumipat, edi sana gagraduate na rin ako on Monday but still, I’m sooo thankful for having the chance to meet and be friends with them! :) I’m so proud of you, guys! I will miss all of you!!! Sorry sa lahat ng mga nagka-issues ako with at thank you talaga sa lahat ng mga pinagsamahan natin :) Sobrang mamimiss ko kayo grabe!!! Bisitahin niyo ako ha? I love you all!!! :)

Meet Inday Irreg

Have you had that feeling of not wanting to exert any effort in studying anymore? I did. I do, actually. It’s as if habang tumatagal, nawawalan na ako ng drive mag-aral because of so many conflicting things. I’ve been an irregular student since.. hmm.. my 2nd year in UST up until now, so that’s basically 4 years of being an irreg student. Sobrang hirap. Andiyan yung una, kapag mag-eencode ng subjects, Subject A’s schedule would get in the way of Subject B’s schedule but I need to take both subjects or else.. patay na. Minsan pa, pag exam, 2 lang subject mo on that certain day, same sched pa so minsan, no choice, 8-10am si Subject A.. tapos 3-5pm si Subject B. 

I’ve had so many struggles from being an irregular student, sobra, as in! Well, for one, it made me gain a lot of new friends but still, come to think if it, I go to school basically to attain good grades while having the ability to enjoy interacting with my peers but in my case, I can only choose one. Instilling even just half of the other would make things lethal/fatal/lahat na. Hay grabe, I wish I’m just overreacting but that’s really how it is.

It’s sad also kasi like, when you’re vacant, your friends have classes then pag sila naman ang free, it’s you who isn’t naman. There are times when I’d have lunch with my friends and cut my next class and sit-in to my friends’ class (gets?) just so I’d have someone to eat lunch with. I know, it’s so stupid and I can eat alone naman but I tell you, there’s so much more than that and it’s kind of depressing.

As of this moment, I’m really struggling with myself. I’ve been having bad study habits, I’ve been absent a lot in some of my classes, and ang pinaka-ikinakatakot ko is baka mawala ako sa List because of these :( Huhuhu

This, too, shall pass. I can’t wait to become a regular student again!!!


Di na kayang mag-panggap dahil sobrang pangungulila na ang nagaganap.

Grabe, I wasn’t asking for this but whyyyy? Fuck it, I miss you. Huhu, and if you’re less denser than how you are now, I mean, either that or mapag-kunwari ka lang, you’d know that those 3 words are more than what they seem to be.

Shit shit shit. Again, I wasn’t asking for any of this, especially this one! This me-missing-you situation. Nakakaasar kaya! Ayokong nabobombard ng thoughts about you. I basically do not like being reminded of you kaso tangina, andiyan yung sa school, meron kang sobrang kahawig, na lagi kong nakikita, tas recently narinig kong super magkasing-boses kayo pati tindig, eh wala na, ayoko na, haggang sa Pedro Gil nagpaparamdam ka. And it’s not funny. 

Hay nako, you don’t know how annoyed I am because of this. Kasi I won’t get anything out of it, tama, diba? Puteeeek, ayaw ko na. 

But you know what, I wanna talk to you. Just to clear things up. Maybe I’d do a little bit of explaining but really, I just want to tell you every single thing that I think I’ve missed during that conversation of ours. And don’t think that I’m doing/typing this with a kilig feeling. No, I’m not. Don’t think that at the back of my mind I’m wishing that you’re suddenly having a eureka moment like.. BOOM! TANGINA, MAN, ACTUALLY, I LIKE HER DIN/PARIN PALA. No. Okay?

Haaaay, this is so tiring and frustrating. Sometimes I wish I didn’t do it over txt. But I lost control and had to say it right there and then.

ps. I miss telling you legit “I miss you”s. Walang landi, walang kilig, sobrang legit na pangungulila lang. Pownyetah -____-‘



Not your ordinary campaign posters, not your ordinary candidates, and most definitely, not your ordinary servant-leadership.

Vote straight, PUTOC lang ng PUTOC! :) 

All photos by Louie Manglapus. Edited by moi.

Yesterday was brought to us by the letter “R”.

Her name didn’t ring a bell until I saw her dance. “Maaaaaan!” As far as I could remember, that was how I first reacted when she started her routine. I never even thought that we’d be the closest during OTG so, yeah, ganun talaga siguro pag kapwa Thomasians. Hahaha what? Anyway, we dated today! :)

Warm Bodies + Aveneto + Window shopping + Confessions = SOLB FRIDATE! :) Thank you, Louie! Sure na ang next time :) I had fun yesterday! Alam mo na yun! ;) Thank you talaga!  ♥

Isn’t she beautiful? :) 

All photos from Louie!


It’s not like I wanted this to happen and it’s not like I opted it to occur in that particular manner. I let my guard down just so I could finally release what I’ve been keeping for so long and you have no idea how much it sucks for things to be turning out this way, at least, for me. It’s killing me. It hurts. Well, you’re not obliged to do something about it but I’m hoping that you do.. coz everything you do to me makes me to feel good even if it isn’t supposed to be that way </3

For my best guy friend ever :)

After giving you your grad yearbook description, I remember promising you a legit blog post and I’ve waited for this time to give you that :)


Happy happy happy birthday to you, my Late-Bloomer Best Friend! :) 

Isang malaking karangalan ang makunsiderang best friend mo dahil hindi man tayo laging magkasama, masaya na ako na kampante parin tayo sa isa’t isa :) Ang saya lang talaga when we both realized how much of a best friend we are to each other last year :) Doon ko din narealize na hindi necessary na matagal na kayong magkakilala or dapat halos 24/7 kayong nagkikita para lang masabi mong best friend mo ang isang tao :)

Thank you, LBBF, dahil pag ikaw ang kausap ko, sobrang no holds barred talaga! Marami ka nang alam sakin mula sa acads hanggang sa non-acads-slash-I-know-you-know-what-I-mean-wink-wink na mga bagay and never mo akong hinusgahan! :)

Gaya nga ng sinabi ko sa yearbook description ko for you, you still remain to be one of the very few gentlemen I know. Masaya din ako dahil kahit lagi ka nilang inaasar ng chickboy at “basic master”, alam ko na sobrang taas ng respeto mo sa mga babae :) Let’s just say na proud ako at medyo pwede ko ring gawing bragging right ang fact na iba ang pagkakakilala ko sayo :) Na kilala ko ang totoong si Nanan :) Naks, what a privilege! I’m so touched! Kahit nga akong totomboy tomboy, nirerespeto mo parin. Hahaha! Just kidding :))

Akala ko talaga noon, hanggang hi-hello lang tayo tapos umabot sa banatan pero akala ko hanggang dun lang din yun pero laking pasasalamat ko kasi unti unti nating nakilala yung pagkatao ng isa’t isa :) Okay, wait, magdidisclaimer na ko, baka kasi isipin ng iba eh may 101% malisya na ito pero, wala, LBBF, diba? *Flashback to Jollibee Philcoa pls! Hahahaha!!!*

Maraming salamat din pala sa mga random, kasabawan moments natin, Bessy :) Thank you kasi may nahanap na akong kayang sabayan or kayang higitan yung taglay kong kabaliwan.. which makes things more worthwhile and worth remembering :)  Remember this? Hahaha, ano, more to come? Philcoa or Oolong Tea? :))


Ayun, basta, lagi mong tandaan na kung meron ka mang gustong ishare, I am just a click/txt away :) Wala akong pakialam kahit anong oras pa yan, alam mo namang we’re each other’s shock absorber! Kahit ganito parin ang imumukha mo sakin sa Skype, KERI LANG!!!


Ano, galit ka na ba sakin? Hahahaha!!! Sorry ka, hahaha!!! :)) But seriously speaking, namimiss na kitang kausap/kasama! Alam mo namang ibang klaseng usapan ang nagaganap pag tayong dalawa ang nag-uusap, diba? Ok, that sounded so wrong pero.. alam kong naiintindihan mo na ako dun :) 

Again, sobrang swerte ko lang na magkaroon ng isang guy best friend na tulad mo. Walang malisya, sobrang lakas ng trip, matalino, gwapo (naks!), malaki ang respeto sa mga babae, at higit sa lahat, HARI NG MGA BALBON!!! Hahaha!!! Saengil chukha hamnida, LBBF!!! Love you forever!!! At pag nag-concert ang SNSD dito, PROMISE, TARA! G! G! G! God bless you always and pls, tara, let’s meet soon!!!

Ps. Ang gagwapo parin talaga nila Xanty and Jex. Sana makita ko narin sila huhu :(

Pps. Kita na tayo, dali! Para may bago na tayong picture! Hahaha!